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Judo Club Ammochostos is the official Judo - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - JKA Karate training center of the Famagusta region in Cyprus. As Judo and Karate are Olympic Sports our club builds athletes for competition, but also offers the oportunity to learn a variety of Martial Arts like Brazialian Jiu-Jitsu as a sport and defense system to keep body and mind fit and strong. You are welcome to visit our web page, to learn more about our Dojo, to get informed about the news, the training times and contact details.

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Our Spectrum

Judo - an Olympic sport

Vision Judoclub Famagusta

A growing number of young people enjoy practicing the Japanese martial art of Judo, which is considered to be more gentle way to win a fight. There is an ever-growing number of athletes who represent their countries at the Olympic Games and other international tournaments. Judo Club Famagusta offers to all who are interested  - from beginners to cadet - to engage in the training of Judo. Our vision is to encourage talented young people from the region Famagusta in order to give them the opportunity to represent their country at international tournaments and to contact like-minded people from other nations in exchange during training camps and participating in Judo projects.


Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ Judo Club Ammochostos

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sophisticated grappling system, which includes throws, ground grappling, and submissions. It can be practiced for fitness, recreation, and competitively, at all ages. It is a powerful system of self defence which forms the basis of most modern military combative programs. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered a foundation discipline for professional mixed martial arts. With the popularity of MMA in recent years, it has fast become recognised as the most effective of martial arts and is on it’s way to be accredited by the International Olympic Committee with potential to be included in the Summer Games in Paris 2024.


KarateKarate Amochostos

Karate is a weaponless self-defense form that originated in Japan and which translates to "The way of the empty hand" and includes mostly effective punches, hits, kicks and intricate combinations thereof. There are also throws practised in Karate. Many a different styles of Karate exist. In modern sport Karate seminars and competitions are mainly channeled into two main directions, the very fast and dynamic sport Karate of the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the more traditional style Karate practised bei members of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Our club mainly practices the style of Shotokan Karate within the JKA.


Budo - a lifestyle that builds strong carachters!
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Our Dojo welcomes you at the Dance School Rhythmos in Paralimni. We have high quality mats especially shipped from Germany for best training conditions. For the class schedule please refer to our training section, where you can also read about the rules required for an effective training. For more information on how to find or contact us just refer to our contact sectionBrowsing our webseite you will find a lot more useful information.

Our Martial Arts philosophy


Precision comes before power

It is very important that aggressivity can be averted right from the beginning. On one hand, it is not coherent with the principle of Marttial Arts, on the other hand, the student neglects the technical skills by putting too much confidence in his power. Having power is certainly an advantage for a Budoka , but its use must be combined with the finest technique, which can be learned only when it is initially practiced without the excessive use of power.
Sensei Horst Wolf, 8th Dan
  • Judo Club Ammochostos 2015
  • Judo Club Ammochostos 2015



Judo is seen as the gentle way of disabling an opponent using throws, levers, choking and restraining techniques, which were picked from the variety of numerous fighting techniques of the martial arts. The Japanese Kanō Jigorō (Japanese 嘉纳 治 五郎, 1860-1938)  is considered as the founder of modern judo.

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  • Judo Club Ammochostos 2015 Kids

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